Bathroom Producer


With exciting and appealing visuals, Spark Vision's sales tools help you engage and retain visitors on your site and generate more qualified leads to your showrooms and retailers.

Our tools serve different purposes and help the visitor throughout the customer journey – from inspiration to closed deal.

More leads. More and better qualified showroom visitors. More sales!


Designing your future bathroom is, for some people, quite a daunting project. A lot of money is spent on something that you do not get to see until it is too late to change.

Selecting products and materials is quite a job in itself, but the most difficult challenge of all might be to understand how it will look. Many people find it difficult to visualise, in their mind, how different products will look in combination and in a real environment.

The Digital Showroom™ helps the final customer find and combine bathroom furniture and sanitary ware they like. With just a few clicks, washstands, storage, bathtubs, showers and toilets are selected, including visualisation of options such as colours, faucets and handles. The results are shown instantly.

Customers spend more of their time on your website, looking at the products you sell. Step by step, they narrow down the options, from thousands to the particular ones they want.

Later, when entering a showroom, often a multi-brand one, they have already found what they want to buy. Their mind is set on your products.



Planning your future bathroom could be a complex project. There are lots of functions that need to fit into an often quite limited space. Understandably, for some people, making the decision to place the order, given all the uncertainties, feels overwhelming.

Spark Blueprint Online™ enables the final customer to plan and visualise their future bathroom, and other tiled spaces, on their own, from the comfort of their home.

With Blueprint integrated on your website, your customers spend more of their time with your brand, using the products you sell when planning the layout of their future bathroom and furnishing it with your products.

The result is more visits to your showrooms by people who are better prepared and closer to a decision. Not only do they know what products they want, but they also have a detailed idea on how to combine and place them.


“We have seen an increase in average sales from €3.000 to €11.000 in projects where our salespeople have used Spark Blueprint”

Showroom Manager / Tiles & bathroom retailer Oslo, Norway



Sell faster

Help the customer come to a decision faster, by reducing and removing any uncertainties. If you sell faster, you can serve more clients – and get more deals! Our customers typically report a reduction of the sales cycle of roughly 50%.


Get larger deals

Sell complete projects. Sell more accessories (WC, towel dryer, faucets, etc). By getting larger deals, the overall revenue increases. A retail chain in Norway reports an average deal increase of 300%, where Blueprint was used for planning the project.



Sell more exclusive products by demonstrating the value. For example, a user in the UK sold a 3D tile with a wave structure, instead of a plain white one, by showing what an exclusive feel this would bring. The project contained 260 sqm of that premium product, which generates a 30% margin.


Likelihood of sales

If you visualise, you sell. Users within a UK franchise witness of getting the order in 80-86% of the cases where Spark Vision's sales tools were used in the process.


Help your customers

Help your customers understand what they are about to buy. Reducing and removing the uncertainties, strongly increases the likelihood of sales. You will also get happier customers in the end.